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Re-evaluation of the All on 4 concept Myths and Realities Graft-less Solutions a Re-evaluation

Graft-less solutions to treat the edentulous patient have become mainstream in the dental world. The advantages of this procedure being speed, reduction in surgical procedures and the ability to provide the patient with fixed permanent teeth the very same day.

There are many misconceptions related to this procedure which may result in a compromised end result.

The purpose of this course is to critically review the All on 4(TM protocol), and present solutions to the misconceptions that exist. Emphasis will be placed on diagnosis and treatment planning


The speaker will discuss


1. Why alveolectomy should not be routine

2. When to immediate load and when not to

3. Sinus lifts vs zygomatic implants

4. Sequencing treatment

5. How digital planning can assist in delivery of care